Cate (sheafrotherdon) wrote,

Skin Hunger Challenge!

siriaeve and I were just discussing John Sheppard, and the skin-hunger that has to be lurking underneath all that emotional repression. And then there's Rodney, who's always a little convinced that people will eventually hate him, so he tries to hate everyone else before they can, never expecting much in the way of affection but god, he's got to be craving it all the same.

And so - A WEE FESTIVAL. Write ficlets, draw art, make manips - whatever you like, so long as the theme is one or the other of them needing touch (craving it, seeking it out) and the other providing it. Doesn't have to be sexual - sometimes being steadied, cradled, and held is as powerful as the best sex. You decide.

But please - do not harsh the squee. Do not post people *literally* eating other people's skin. You know what we mean here. Touch. Love. Affection. Need.

Go to town people. We could all use a little warmth, comfort, kindness and reassurance, a little outright desire, a little sex.
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